Mystic Lamb 2020

A combination of original art treasures and modern presentation techniques in the new Visitors’ Centre will be used to highlight the story behind the centuries’ old polyptych made by the van Eyck brothers, “The Ghent Altarpiece”.

Mystic Lamb 2020

Sint-Baafskathedraal Gent ©

Art in Flanders, foto's Hugo Maertens, Dominique Provost

The Visitors’ Centre will highlight the multiple messages conveyed by the polyptych, including an explanation of its religious significance and art-historical value. Links will also be made to the architectural heritage and its intimate connection to the cathedral. 

Augmented Reality

The culturally interested tourist will be able to see and appreciate the latest restoration campaign and learn about the remarkable history of the “Mystic Lamb itself”. On entering the centre, visitors will receive a set of augmented reality glasses which will give them the chance to see medieval murals and numerous works of art as if they were actually on site hundreds of years ago and done with the help of historical simulations and interactive modules. Visitors will get to experience the different construction periods of the cathedral as well as the eventful history of the “Ghent Altarpiece” and its significance in the most convincing but historically correct manner.

This augmented reality tour around the cathedral will be offered in nine different languages: the seven languages currently available on the audio guide, plus Russian and Portuguese, and be customised for each language.