Although the building receives a lot of tourists and gives at times the impression of being a museum, the cathedral of Saint Bavo is and remains foremost a church.

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It is the cathedral church of the diocese of Ghent.


Sint-Baafskathedraal Gent ©

Art in Flanders, foto's Hugo Maertens, Dominique Provost

Holy mass is said each day at 11.00 am.
On weekdays the service takes place in the crypt.
On Sundays either the main altar (in summer) or the Romanesque part of the crypt (winter) are used.

On Monday and on Friday there is Holy Mass for the Chapter attached to the cathedral. This celebration takes place at 8.45 am.

At 12 o’clock each day our Angelus bell is rung and the Angelus is prayed.


Religious services in other churches can be found on


Special services will be announced
in the parish newspaper (Kerk en Leven Gent-Centrum)
and mentioned below.